About Orthobion //

Orthobion is a privately funded start-up, founded in 2009, located in the Southwest of Germany, in the city of Konstanz.
Our expertise lies in spinal treatment options, particularly spinal fusion devices.
We are an innovative pioneer in the field of coated biomaterials and various surface treatment options for spinal fusion implants,
working towards the most optimal Biomimetic devices possible and resulting in Award Winning Technology.



Surface Technology //

Biomimetic Imprint
Learn more about Orthobion's Titanium Fine Grained Osseo  Integrative Coating Technology (FGOIC Ti)  for Composite Implants with Biomimetic Imprint.

Golden Testing Standard
Learn more about Orthobion setting the new Golden Testing Standard
for high performing and safe products.

TSC Interbody Cages //

Orthobion has developped Cervical and Lumbar Interbody Devices, TSC Cages, with the unique FGOIC Ti technology.
New cages are under development and will be launched soon.