Technology (FGOIC Ti)

Surface Technology (FGOIC Ti) //

Based on research conducted by Orthobion, the Company has developed a composite implant with a biomimetic imprint. The proprietary technology used to achieve this has been named Titanium Fine Grained Osseo Integrative Coating (FGOIC Ti).
FGOIC Ti is a non porous metallic (Titanium) coating applied at room temperature. Orthobion has developed a product line of cervical and lumbar cages with its unique FGOIC Ti surface technology.

Our biomimetic imprint consists of a Proprietary Engineered Surface Topography in both the micro and nano scale. Studies have indicated that tailoring the properties of the biomaterial’s surface with micro- and nano-structures can optimize interactions between biomaterials and the bio-environment at the implantation site. This means that we could improve the implant’s functioning by fabricating  micro- and nano-structures on the surface of our implant which could result in mimicing the bio-environment. (Coutinho et al, 2011).