for interbody

TSC Cages

A complete line of implants both lumbar and cervical with a core of PEEK and a layer of Titanium

A broad range of cages

TSC Cages are available for PTLIF, PLIF, TLIF (regular shaped or with a bent form factor) and ACIF procedures, with the same level of quality

For all patients

Available in multiple sizes and with different degrees of lordosis, TSC Cages can be employed to accomodate the needs of patients of different height, representing the ideal choice for Hospitals and Clinics in most Countries.

The real best of Two Worlds

Thanks to the unique coating granted by the patented FGOIC Ti technology, TSC Cages grant all the benefits of both PEEK and Titanium, with no downsides

The FGOICTi  technology

Patented method for manufacturing Titanium coated PEEK cages

//01Fast fusion thanks to Titanium surface

The interface between TSC Cages and bone consists in a Titanium layer, which provides the ideal environment for fast and perfect osteointegration: the growth of fibrotic tissue, a common side effect of pure PEEK cages, is prevented

//02Stress resistance thanks to thin layer technology

The <1µm Titanium layer, about 1.000 times thinner than what can be achieved by traditional plasma coated surfaces, grants a better resistance to abrasion and wearing in the implant, preventing flaking

//03Excellent mechanical behavior granted by PEEK core

The PEEK core of TSC Cages provides a much lower elastic modulus than pure Titanium, favouring load transfer and preventing subsidence

//04Radiolucency by design

Thanks to the thinness of their coating and to the two markers they are equipped with, TSC Cages allow for easy detection with imaging techniques, with no artifacts

Experience in

We deliver innovative solutions for spine fusion to the market since 2012, with premium German quality.
For orthopedic surgeons who are looking for a perfect vertebral fusion and to avoid subsidence, Orthobion cages provide all the advantages of Titanium and PEEK, without any downside for the patient thanks to their unique manufacturing technique.


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